Monogramming Machine

Top 10 Monogram Sewing Machines

We take a look at the best performing monogram machines

Whilst monogram machines perform similar functions to traditional machines, they also provide extra services. They are commonly computerized with additional design features and a wide variety of stitches and mostly bought and sold specifically for the purpose of finalized decorations or branding. They are all powered through a plug connected to the mains so you don’t need to worry about batteries or transportation and can instead focus on the sewing.

What is a Monogram Sewing Machine?

Monogram sewing machines are computerized machines that allow you to sew accurate letters of the alphabet or numbers onto a piece of fabric. This machine is brilliant for customization purposes or creating your own brand and sewing it onto your products. Monogrammers usually come with pre-set designs but you can also download more onto the machine, making it so that each font is personalized for whatever purpose you require.

Additionally, some of the higher-end or more expensive machines will come with the option to embroider more complicated designs onto the piece. These machines often come with an embroidery hoop but will need an additional purchase of embroidery design software.

Whilst you can create monograms with regular machines, for consistency and the best effect possible, it is highly recommended that you purchase a machine made specifically for this purpose. This is a major purchase but will, without a doubt, better the quality of your patterns and designs and can be used for things like the branding of a company.

1. Brother SE1900

  • Brother SE1900 – Brother – $999.00

Average Customer Rating – 4.8

Brother is a name on the sewing machine market that is easily recognizable, and they boast a wide range of machines from simpler ones, to more complicated and computerized. This machine has a high average rating on both its original website and Amazon, when purchasing, I would recommend buying from the original website due to the cheaper pricing and the same add-ons. The user manual comes in both English and Spanish and features an automatic needle threader which reduces the amount of time before you can get to sewing.


  • 138 Embroidery designs and 240 built-in stitches
  • 5×7 Maximum embroidery area allowing for large designs and lettering
  • 11 font styles (including 7 English fonts, 3 Japanese fonts and 1 Cyrillic font) with a large color LCD screen allowing you to preview designs
  • 8 sewing feet included along with an automatic reinforcement setting
  • USB port to import your own designs into the computerized system
  • Super bright work area so that you can work no matter the time of day


These machines are known for being expensive and this is one of the higher-priced ones. They are also known for being complicated, the product includes a disk-shaped screwdriver and different presser foots necessary for specific stitches. This machine will take some getting used to and is not recommended for beginners with limited experience.

2. SINGER Stylist 7258

Stylist™ 7258 – SINGER – $449.99

Average Customer Rating – 4.3/5

Singer is a very well recognized and reliable brand with great customer service and long-lasting warranties. This computerized sewing machine comes with over £165 of additional accessories and nearly 200 reviews rating it at 4.2/5 on the Singer website and 4.5/5 on Amazon with nearly 3,000 reviews. The manual is available online, before purchase, in English, French and Spanish and you can see how easy this machine would be to operate before buying. Singer are also very good at providing sales and deals for their customers so I would recommend looking at their website regularly.


  • 203 Stitch applications to be used on any fabric (lighter fabrics such as cotton and linen recommended)
  • Automatic needle threader and Fast Drop & Sew™ bobbin placement and pick up
  • Option to sew buttonholes with consistent results
  • Comes with 8 presser feet, spool pin felts, thread spool caps, auxiliary spool pin, screwdriver, additional bobbins and needles and a seam ripper and darning plate
  • Simple, clear and easy to use LCD screen with 100 built in stitches for basic and decorative sewing
  • Singer provide classes online for machine owners which will help you learn the basics


This machine doesn’t come with the bonus of the embroidery hoop or option of uploading your own designs to automatically embroider a design or shape onto the fabric. Similar to the last machine, it will take some getting used to, especially when switching the presser foot for specific threads but this will become easier over time. Beginners may have trouble with this machine due to the sheer amount of threads and options to choose from, there will always be a manual for use whenever you get stuck.

3. EverSewn Sparrow 25 – EverSewn – $410.00

Average Customer Rating – 4.4/5

EverSewn is not a company that I’ve heard much about but after doing some research into their machines and warranties, I am confident that this will be a reliable machine and, if not, you will have an easy process of getting it fixed and returned to you. The website boasts a very attractive ratio for price and performance as well as offering everything a creative sewer could need. Additionally, if you are uncomfortable ordering online, they have numerous stores all across America with a handy store locator on their website. If you prefer online ordering then they sell their wares through Amazon with different delivery options for whatever suits you.


  • Features 197 stitch patterns including an alphabet, 7 buttonhole options and 1 eyelet stitch. The width of these can be changed as desired
  • Features a memory function which will remember stitch combinations that you choose to save
  • Comes with 7 presser feet as standard, if buying on Amazon it on averages comes with an additional 6-piece accessory quilting kit and 10 additional bobbins
  • Maximum sewing speed of 850spm along with a slide speed control
  • The main website includes 7 helpful videos including explaining accessories as well as how to wind the bobbin to make it easy for first time users
  • LED sewing light to make sewing at any time easier


There aren’t as many reviews for this one, only 26 reviews compared to the hundreds that other machines have on this list, most likely because the brand name is not one of the more popular ones. Whilst I couldn’t find specific information about the warranty, the longest it provides is roughly ten years which can be considered a short warranty compared to other more established brands. The main downside of this machine is the unknown nature of the company, whilst it seems good value for money and has many good qualities, there is no guarantee as to its longevity.

4. Janome 4120QDC – Janome – $699.00

Average Customer Rating – 4.7/5

Janome is another name that is a popular one amongst sewing circles, providing avid sewers for years with reliable and easy to use machines that are well equipped for whatever purpose you purchase them for. Similarly to the last machine, this one can be purchased online at Amazon or in stores across America and comes with a wide array of accessories as standard along with many installed features.


  • Contains 120 built-in stitches in alphabet fonts as well as America, European and Cyrillic
  • Standard accessories include 7 presser feet, specialized bobbins, an extension table, needle set and seam ripper
  • Unlike other machines, this contains a hardcover and instructional DVD so that you can learn how to use the machine without the need for the internet
  • LCD screen with enhanced display and touchpad and easy to use, functional buttons
  • The Amazon page contains instructional videos that can help you understand certain features. The manual is also featured on the main website before purchase
  • Easy-set top-loading bobbins claims to be jam proof, a common issue for machines especially in the bobbin which also brings the thread up for you


It is one of the more expensive machines with some of the least standard accessories and it is priced higher on its home website at nearly $1,199. The prices across the websites and stores seem quite inconsistent so I would recommend doing some research before buying this product. For a popular brand of machine, this has quite a low amount of reviews, only 15 which is very low compared to others on this list.

5. Bernette 38 – Bernette – $799.00

Average Customer Rating – 4.7/5

Bernette is another name which isn’t as well known in sewing circles but is marketed as affordable models with a wide range of functions. This particular model is the top model in the 30 series and offers a wide range of features for more affordable prices. The main website features a store locator but this machine can also be bought online at websites like Amazon.


  • 394 different stitch designs including stretch stitch for use on more elastic fabrics as well as 8 options for buttonholes and 3 different alphabets
  • The product contains 8 presser feet, a needle assortment, 2 large spool disks and 2 small spool disks with one already on the machine, 4 bobbins and 1 in the machine, screwdriver, a lint brush, a seam ripper, a spool net, an extension table and a hard cover
  • This machine is fast, working at a maximum of 820spm as well as a drop-in hook system for easy threading
  • The main website features support before purchase so that you can truly examine if this is the right machine for you
  • This machine features a tie-off function meaning that the thread can tie itself when it gets to the end of a seam
  • Large projects such as curtains and quilts are made easy by the extension table but that also means that it could be used for heavier fabrics than simply thin weave cotton


This brand is not as well-known as other machines so that can be something to deter people despite the pros. Similar to the previous few, this machine doesn’t include the embroidery hoop and so you cannot complete more complicated designs. Additionally, whilst the reviews are very positive, there are not many of them and so some extra research and maybe talking to a person instore could be beneficial before purchase.

6. Brother ST150HDH – Brother – $299.99

Average Customer Rating – 4.6/5

This machine is for people who simply want more stitch options than a normal machine but don’t need as many as the others on this list provide. This machine features only 50 built-in stitches and doesn’t provide the option of downloading more onto the machine. However, it is the cheapest on this list and, along with a good brand name, this makes it a definite contender for those just starting out.


  • This machine is a ‘Strong & Tough’ meaning that it can sew heavy weight fabrics and is more durable than the average machine
  • The product comes with 9 presser feet as standard as well as 2 heavy duty needles, 2 lightweight needles and 2 ballpoint needles
  • Large back-lit LCD display for clear visibility of stitch settings and selection which also tells you what presser foot you should be using
  • Advanced needle threader and drop in top bobbin for easy threading
  • Features Brother at Your Side support which features online technical support for free
  • Instead of buying pre-threaded bobbins, you can bind them yourself – meaning it’s better for the environment than constantly buying small plastic bobbins


Whilst the reviews are good, it’s a low amount for a well-known brand as the Amazon page only features 73 reviews. As mentioned before, it doesn’t have as many options as the other machines on this list so it may be considered more limiting when it comes to your options for the finished products.

7. Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850 – Janome – $1,799.00

Average Customer Rating – 3.4/5

This is the most expensive machine on this list, at nearly $2,000 on the Amazon page but $2,499 on the home website. This is one of the more advanced machines that also includes more complicated designs and an embroidery hoop and so can be used for embroidery and branding. Janome also has a community which is useful for inspiration if you’re unsure where to start.


  • 200 built-in stitches with 175 built-in embroidery designs that can be added to with USB options
  • A wide array of editing functions that help you change the size of the design, flip it and even change the colors to suit you
  • Come with 10 presser feet and two embroidery hoops as standard
  • Full color LCD touchscreen with on-screen help for all your sewing needs
  • Up to 1,000spm
  • Full intensity lighting system in three different locations for full lighting at any time of day


Bearing in mind that this is the most expensive machine, it comes with the least add-ons as standard. It is a lot of money for what it is, being that it doesn’t have the most amount of stitches and is over $1,000 more expensive than the first machine which can do almost exactly the same things. I would recommend thinking about whether this machine is in budget or you’re paying for the brand name.

8. Janome JW8100 – Janome – $369.00

Average Customer Rating – 4.5/5

This machine is simple and easy to use with a wide range of accessories that can be used to sew almost any material and is recommended for quilting, dressmaking and home décor. Janome is a reliable company and is available to buy from their website, Walmart and Amazon. One of the main differences from the other machines is the aesthetics, sewing machines are not often know for being pretty but with the added pattern on this one, I consider it a pretty accessory for any house.


  • 20 stitches both for basic sewing and fashion and an additional 18 stitches for quilting, 27 heirloom stitches and 28 home décor stitches
  • A manual and machine comparison is available before purchase
  • As standard, it comes with 6 presser feet, a seam ripper, a pincushion, a needle set, a spool holder and an extension table for larger projects
  • Top drop in stitches for easy threading
  • This machine features a memory function and adjustable thread tension so that you can save your preferred stitches
  • Easy convenience buttons are on the machine and the LCD screen so you can adjust what you need to whenever you need to


At less than 100 stitching options, this machine is one of the lowest amounts on the list. It also has one of the smaller LCD screens so it may be difficult to read for some people. The manufacturers admit that this is basic technology and so may not be able to do everything you want it to do the more advanced you become, but it would work well for a beginner who simply wants more stitch choices.

9. Bernina Artista 630E – Bernina – $2,999.95

Average Customer Rating – 3.5/5

This brand is another unknown entity to me and whilst very expensive, it is a well-developed piece of technology for both traditional sewing and finer embroidery. Whilst it’s not as well known as other brands, the home website boasts a history of Swiss tradition and engineering which is renowned for its reliability and easy use and design.


  • Optional stitch regulator to allow for free motion stitching at variable speeds but keeping the stitches consistent and even
  • Multifunctional knobs which can scale, position and rotate designs in the specific embroidery area
  • 70 pre-installed designs and alphabets which you can combine and edit on screen
  • Adjustable pressure for the presser foot which allows you to adapt to the type of fabric that you need to sew
  • Start/stop button which controls speed without the need for a foot pedal, speed can be adjusted to suit you
  • The reviews of this show that it is a long-lasting machine that is reliable


There isn’t much information about this machine apart from the brief description on the website and the customer reviews. The main thing that I’ve taken away from my research is that this is a very expensive machine with a lot of features, but not a lot different to the other machines on this list. I would recommend heading into a local retailer or emailing the company about the product before purchase.

10. Fashion Mate™ 5560 – SINGER – $229.99 (currently sold at $189.99)

Average Customer Review – 3.6/5

Reliable and easy to use, Singer is a brand that many sewers trust when looking for a new machine. Their website is clear about the information and they are sold online in places such as Amazon as well as by in-store retailers. Compared to the other Singer on this list, this machine is cheaper, with slightly fewer features but still affordable with a range of options.


  • 203 stitch applications to choose from
  • Extension table and hard cover included along with 5 presser feet, 15 metal bobbins, a pack of needles, a spool pin felt and auxiliary spool pin as well as a darning plate, needle plate screwdriver and a seam ripper and lint brush
  • The main website features a stitch application guide as well as helpful tips and tricks in videos as well as a brilliant customer service team
  • Can sew buttonholes with ease to the correct sizes using a presser foot
  • An automatic needle threader is paired with automatic stitch length width settings which makes it easier to just get sewing
  • Very reasonably priced for the brand and what the machine can do


This machine doesn’t have as many choices or stitches as some of the other machines and it doesn’t have a large amount of reviews. Similar to the other smaller machines on this list, it doesn’t feature the option of an embroidery hoop and there’s no option of uploading your own designs. In addition, although there aren’t a large number of reviews, this is a very well known and trusted machine brand which many people rely on with their sewing endeavors.