Best Sewing Machines on a Budget

Looking for a sewing machine on a budget? We've picked out the best

Few things feel as good as creating something of your own. Sewing’s a rewarding hobby, not just because it’s therapeutic but because you make things you can use. Whether you sew just to fix older items of clothing, or to make a brand new outfit, you’ll feel a sense of pride at the end of a project.

Sewing machines aren’t only used to make clothes. Other great sewing projects include cushions, bags and pet beds. Even as a beginner, it’s easy to make an item to proudly show the world.

You don’t need to spend a lot on your first sewing machine. If you’re trying to save money, or if you’re a beginner and don’t want to spend a lot on your new hobby, then you’ll love this handy guide to the best sewing machines on a budget:

Sewing Machines Under $100

Luby Sewing Machine

The Luby Sewing Machine for Beginners is a great choice for those very first projects. It looks stylish and professional despite its budget price and has 12 built-in stitch patterns. The speed is adjustable, with two settings and reverse, so you can take control of this sewing machine and work at a comfortable pace.

Reviewers love that this Luby Sewing Machine can tackle a wide range of projects. The original needle can’t go through thick fabric, so it’s best for thinner items, but you can buy a separate heavy duty needle if you want to sew denim or fleece.

At just over $75, the Luby is an affordable choice for a budget sewing machine. It’s surprisingly capable, easy to use and is compact and very portable.

GOTSEVEN Portable Sewing Machine

The GOTSEVEN Portable Sewing Machine is about as low-priced as you’ll find. This compact portable sewing machine is available for $30. Created by a Chinese tech company, rather than sewing specialists, the GOTSEVEN machine is surprisingly practical and functional. It has an adjustable speed, built-in light and two separate lengths of stitch. You can’t change the stitch pattern, but the basics are enough for most users.

Reviewers love the very handy small size of this sewing machine. It fits comfortably into two hands, and is easy to store and pack away. You could even easily take it on vacation.

For $30, you don’t have much to lose if you don’t enjoying sewing as expected. This makes the GOTSEVEN machine ideal for a total beginner. If you get bored of sewing after two weeks, you won’t have invested too much money. This is a great choice for a guilt-free way to try sewing for the first time.

Sew Mighty Mini Sewing Machine

Great for beginners, the Sew Mighty Mini Sewing Machine is portable and easy to use. This is a handy sewing machine that the whole family can try. Even children learning to sew will get to grips with this machine easily. At less than $30 it’s perfect for new starters, and great for trying to sew for the first time if there’s a chance that you might get bored. When budget sewing machines are this cheap, why waste more on a hobby that you might not keep enjoying?

One of the great things about the Sew Mighty is that it includes its own table. You can rest your fabric on the table so it’s easier to hold and move around. This makes the Sew Mighty a convenient choice for those with less developed motor skills.

Reviewers love that the Sew Mighty is a small-scale but feature-packed machine. It includes a foot pedal, light and thread cutter so you have everything you’ll need to get started. 

Sewing Machines Under $200

Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine

From one of the most well-known names in the sewing machine world, the Brother CS6000i costs around $170. For a little more money than our previous machines, this choice comes with 60 stitch styles for a very customizable experience. There’s an automatic needle threader and a digital screen, as well as a built-in extension table to rest your fabric on.

This Brother machine is a convenient choice for most domestic sewing projects. It’s a beginner machine, but can also be enjoyed by users with a lot more experience. Users love this machine’s reliability, and how it keeps working for years.

The Brother sewing machine may not be the most low-budget choice, but at less than $200 it isn’t an unreasonable price. It’s made to last, so instead of buying the cheapest machine for beginners, with the Brother you’ll have paid for a machine that you can keep using long-term.

Brother Aqua Sewing Machine

Sewing machines don’t come much prettier than this Brother Aqua Sewing Machine. This is the kind of machine that you’ll show off on Instagram. A beautiful light blue, and decorated with grayscale hearts and other patterns, this sewing machine is one that you won’t want to leave in a cupboard.

Of course, style is nothing without function. Fortunately, this Brother machine delivers on that as well. At about $129 it can power through denim and make light work of thicker fabrics. It’s a full-size machine with 17 stitch options including a buttonhole feature. Your workspace is lit by an LED light to make sure that you never miss a stitch.

This sewing machine can handle all of your domestic sewing projects. It’s good for beginners, but just as useful for someone with years of experience. It can even be used successfully for a small sewing business.

SINGER 4423 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

Pushing the limits of the Under $200 category, this SINGER 4423 Sewing Machine does sell for $200 online. You may be able to find it slightly cheaper if you shop around. For your money you’ll get a sturdy heavy duty sewing machine.

This is a SINGER machine, so it’s designed and made by the leading name in sewing machines around the world. SINGER machines have been around since the mid-1800s, so this particular machine is backed by more than a century of experience. This isn’t the most stylish machine you can find, but it looks like it takes its job seriously. It has a heavy duty metal frame and it’s designed to withstand a few bumps.

Expect great performance on a reasonable budget, with high-speed sewing even through very thick fabrics. Enjoy automatic needle threading and a choice of 23 different stitches. As an additional bonus, there’s also an accessory tray and you’ll get several different things to fill it with. Look out for a small screwdriver, a lint brush, a seam ripper and other handy items.

Sewing Machines Under $300

SINGER 4452 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

For serious sewing at a very fair price, the SINGER 4452 Sewing Machine is an impressive option. You can buy it new for $289. The price tag does put this sewing machine at the high end of the budget range, but it’s well worth your money with its heavy duty build and a range of impressive features.

As a SINGER machine, this sewing machine is built on many years of history. SINGER machines have been world leaders since the mid-1800s. More than just a good name, this sewing machine is backed by technological developments. Extensive experience has been used to create this full-featured machine.

When you’re sewing, choose from 32 stitches to customize the item you make. This machine can sew even thick fabrics, and comes with several different accessories. A useful lint brush, screwdriver and spare needles are stored in the accessory tray. This high-speed machine makes short work of even the most complex domestic sewing projects. It can even be used for small-scale commercial creation. With automatic needle threading and seven presser feet, the SINGER 4452 promises a stress-free experience.

Janome MOD-50 Sewing Machine

Enjoy high-tech sewing with the Janome MOD-50 Sewing Machine. This machine costs less than $290 and is fully computerized. Use the LCD display and navigation buttons to customize your sewing experience, choosing from 50 different stitch shapes including a buttonhole option.

Three speed settings let you take control of all your domestic sewing projects. Rush a quick fix for your child’s favourite socks, or take your time to make a new bag for school. This is a heavy duty machine that’s strong enough to work every day. Janome provides a 25 year warranty, for extra piece of mind with your purchase.

With an LED light to illuminate your workspace, you’ll easily see every stitch. This machine also features a handy tray for all of your sewing accessories. Included in the box are several useful items that’ll make your projects go smoothly, from a screwdriver and lint brush to assorted needles and an automatic buttonhole foot.

SWNNE Sewing and Quilting Machine

The SWNNE Sewing and Quilting Machine costs around $240. It’s an easy-to-use computerized machine with an impressive 200 stitch options. Included are letters, numbers and symbols for all your embroidery needs. If you like sewing, quilting and embroidery, this SWNNE machine could be the best for you.

Personalize your creations in a wide variety of ways. Use the car, swan or crocodile-shaped stitches for lots of fun with children’s clothes, or choose beautiful flower or swirling bows or something more plain and simple. However you’re feeling, there’s sure to be a stitch to match. With an automatic needle threader, buttonhole settings and a powerful motor, this SWNNE Sewing and Quilting Machine can handle all of your domestic projects. In fact, with so many features it could also handle the demands of a small commercial business.

The brightly-lit LCD display is easy to see in low light, and provided accessories include a small screwdriver, a lint brush and a character board. You’d think with so many features the SWNNE would only be for experience crafters, but you’re guaranteed to be pleasantly surprised by how easily it works for beginners.

Choosing Your Sewing Machine

If you’re buying a machine for occasional use, why stretch your budget too far? There are so many amazing budget sewing machines for less than $100. The cheapest machines do the job for small-scale domestic projects. Many cheap machines can’t cope with thick fabrics, but are designed to be ideal for beginners.

Even if you’ve never used a sewing machine, you don’t have to start with something basic. Even machines around $300 can be easily used by beginners. The benefit of spending a little bit more is that your machine is built to last. Where a cheap machine might not do everything you want, a more expensive choice will grow with your skill and can be used for your more ambitious projects. Often it’s better to pay $300 for a machine that’ll see you through, than to buy a machine for $80 that you’ll need to replace in a year.

Decide how often you’re likely to use your brand new sewing machine. If you’ll use it once or twice and then store it away, there’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars. If you’ll sit down once a week to work on something new, get yourself a sturdier machine.

Good Prices for Sewing Machines

If you want something simple for small-scale projects, or a compact machine that you can easily store, then $100 should be plenty for your first machine. This is also a great budget to set for something suitable for children. $100 should be more than enough to spark a new hobby or interest.

If you’re getting serious about your sewing, increase your budget a little. For less than $200 you can get a machine that tackles thicker fabrics and offers more customization.

If you do a lot of sewing or want to start a business, $300 should be enough. You don’t need to spend more for domestic use, and a sewing machine less than $300 could do everything you want it to – and more!